Deacon Ministry

First Baptist Church of Lee's Summit, MO Deacons Ministry to All Ages

The root of the word deacon means minister or servant. It has other meanings and interpretations from its usage during Christ's time on earth until today. In Acts 6:2, the Apostles characterized a deacon's service as "waiting on tables," or literally "deaconing tables." This is one of the first aspects of deacon ministry - meeting physical needs.

At the center of the Deacon ministry is the unity of the "body." This is a goal for the gifts that God gives to His church - to build up and encourage everyone. Paul wrote to the Corinthians that God's gifts are "for the common good," (1 Cor. 12:4-7, 12) and should be shared with everyone. Our gift should be used to strengthen God's church and every Christian. Uniting the church is one of the essential ministries of the deacons. Therefore, deacons are not set apart to advocate/argue for their personal or collective cause. They are responsible for the whole church, to serve essential needs, but with a greater sense of the whole church.

So deacons are not a separate group or power group within the church. The deacons are servants who serve by helping with the needs/responsibilities of the church and its members. Deacons are encouragers and supporters of the ministries within the church.